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Fundraising with Calendars

How much could you raise?

Each year thousands of Team Calendar customers raise fantastic funds for their causes. Schools and PTAs often feature students' artwork, and self-funded organisations take fun photos of their activities, from football matches to charity challenges.

Here are some typical examples of the profits you could generate by designing your own calendar with us and selling them on to your supporters.

The selling price is entirely up to you but your choice of calendar size and style can make a huge difference to your profit margin. Plus, the more you order, the cheaper the price. For example:

A4, 2 months per view (7 leaf calendar)

A3, 2 months per view (7 leaf calendar)

Buy 250 @ £1.46 each = £365
Sell 250 @ £6.99 each = £1747.50
Profit = £1382.50

Buy 250 @ £2.27 each = £567.50
Sell 250 @ £8.99 each = £2247.50
Profit = £1680

Buy 500 @ £1.27 each = £635
Sell 500 @ £6.99 each = £3495
Profit = £2860

Buy 500 @ £2.06 each = £1030
Sell 500 @ £8.99 each = £7192
Profit = £6162

Buy 2000 @ £0.72 each = £1440
Sell 2000 @ £6.99 each = £13,980
Profit = £12,540

Buy 2000 @ £1.00 each = £2000
Sell 2000 @ £8.99 each = £17,980
Profit = £15,980

All prices exclude VAT and optional cellobags. And remember our Seasonal Discounts apply from January through to November - the earlier your order the better the discount.


10 ways to sell your fundraising calendar

Winter is by far the best time of year to sell a calendar and to boost income for a good cause. At Team Calendars our customers regularly raise thousands with clever tips and tricks to get their calendars seen - here are our top 10 ways to reach new customers and sell those calendars faster than hot mince pies!

  • Pre-orders - Offer an early bird discount to those placing calendar orders in advance of production. This will secure profits early and ensure that your calendars don’t get forgotten in the frenetic festive period.
  • Christmas Events – Craft fairs, School Nativity Plays, community events – make a table-top display of your calendars and remind people of the inspiring work you do. Why not offer a free mince pie with every sale?
  • Open an eBay charity shop – allow your calendars to reach a much larger audience.  People are busy at this time of year so take advantage of quick, easy PayPal payments and free charity listings.
  • Local Shops – get the local community involved by placing a calendar or poster in their shop window or countertop. You could pass the vendor a nominal fee for each sale or ask them to support your local cause outright.
  • The Workplace – place a copy in your staff room or take advance orders. If you have a sponsor, ask them to do the same, and request a mention on their website or newsletter – businesses can often reach larger numbers of potential buyers.
  • Facebook – share the progress of your calendar with followers, take orders via the Shopify Ap or drive traffic to your website. You can also sell calendars on community group pages with the Admin’s permission.
  • Teamwork – ask each of your team members to sell on a small quantity of calendars to friends and family…a tried and tested technique for selling raffle tickets fast.
  • Gift Discounts - Calendars are great Christmas present so offer a good discount for multiple purchases. Gift wrapping, cello-wraps or paper envelopes will enhance their gift appeal. Depending on size and quality, calendars are usually sold at between £5 and £15 each.
  • Membership upsell – add an optional calendar purchase to subs, membership or termly fees to make it easy for your team members to bag a copy.
  • Press and PR – Write up key facts about your calendar, why you have produced one and the work you do. Send this to your local newspaper with a strong lead image, preferably containing people or a local place. The free publicity can really boost awareness and draw people to your events and websites.

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