5 ways to maximise your calendar sales!

Inspired by the incredible efforts of our customers to raise funds, we're sharing our top five ideas for engaging supporters in a calendar fundraising campaign: 

1. Hold a competition

Everyone loves winning or just having the chance to see their artwork, photograph or child's poem in print. So why not hold a competition among your supporters and select up to 13 winners - one for each month of the year plus a front cover. 

2. Get a sponsor

A local company could become a household name by advertising on a wall calendar for a whole year.  You could ask one company to be your main sponsor or sell advertising space on the individual months to several local businesses.  Remember to target companies that want to reach your audience, be it famililes, animal supporters, local home-owners etc.

3. Sell at the right time

Most people start needing a new calendar from around October so don't be afraid to take early orders.  Offer a discount for advance sales and for multiple purchases - this will really help you to estimate the right quantity to print and maximise sales.

4. Choose the right format

Think about your supporters and how they will use the calendar.  For example a wall calendar with plenty of space to write on is essential for organising busy family life.  So, choose an extra useful multiple column format or size up to A3.  If your supporters work in offices, a Desk Calendar is great for crossing off the days until the holidays.  Older people who like to remember birthdays may prefer the simple format of a SlimJim while teenagers and young adults will enjoy the poster-sized images on a Big Picture calendar. 

5. Use good quality images

Professional, attractive photography makes a huge difference to the appeal of your calendar.  A photographer will normally supply high-resolution images of at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) but if you're using photos taken on a phone, upload them to our Editor first to find out if they are suitable.  If they are too small, you could arrange new photography, scan artwork or purchase images from an online Image Library.  Choose images that make you smile and your supporters will enjoy them too.

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